Saturday, April 30, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Update

Internet Explorer 9 Update

This week has been full of upgrades - upgrades to my browser, upgrade to my yahoo mail, upgrade to my Artfire Admin area. I'm not one that upgrades as soon as something is available, but this time I just did it because eventually it will have to be done & I was feeling quite confident that I could handle anything that I might encounter with any of the upgrades :)

I'm getting used to my new browser and I can't find anything buggy about it, so far I like it. I've heard others saying that they don't like it and went back to Internet Explorer 8, but I can't see any reason thus far to downgrade.

Getting used to any new platform, operating system, or even an upgraded (Admin area) of a site takes a little time.

I look at it this way eventually you will have to upgrade to the latest model so why not just do it and get used to it. :)

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