Monday, April 25, 2011

My Etsy/Artfire Ying & Yang


Another week upon us. I've been giving some thoughts about my Artfire Studio & Etsy Shop & have decide to keep both venues going. I've been wrestling in my mind with this & came to the conclusion that I can try to do the two shops. My Artfire Studio will be more for my darker styles and My Etsy can be more for the lighter, whimsical, romantic look.

To me Etsy & Artfire are like ying & yang, both venues are so different but ultimately do the same - provide for a place to show & sell our handmade wares.
There are both positive & not so positve aspects to both venues & if you can work with each venue the way they are designed possibly can get good results with both.

So in re-vamping my Etsy shop I have done a new banner and a new logo/avatar you can go to my Etsy shop to see my new Mystic Star Designs banner here.

Ps...The heart with wings circle necklace is one of my latest designs & will be loaded to my shops.

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