Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Issues With Posting With Explorer 9

Issues With Posting With Explorer 9

My computer asked me if I wanted to download Internet Explorer 9 today, so I figured well why not, eventually you will need to use the latest browser. So I did and everything so far has check out okay until now...

I wanted to post on my blog and lo & behold can't post when I hit the publish post button. So being the detective I am ha ha ha, started to explore about. Went to the blogger forum to see if others were having problems similar to mine & of course I am not alone.

To make a long story short if you are now using Explorer 9 you will have to use that little button at the top of your browser where it says "compatibility view" hit that and then your post will post once you click on publish post.

Blogger says they will work on getting their system to eventually work with the new Explorer 9 browser but until then they suggest either to use Firefox or install Internet Explorer 8 again.

Hmmm I don't feel like installing Internet Explorer 8 again unless I run into more problems using this new browser.

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