Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweet Summer Rains Collection on Artfire by Vamp

Sweet Summer Rains
Curated by vamp | Collection Published on 05-31-2011

"Sweet Summer Rains - clouds, umbrellas & raindrops in jewelry & accessories."

I made this collection of clouds, umbrellas and raindrops with this in mind.

There is something utterly delightful when it's hot outside and you see it brewing in the distance...clouds swirling darkening and you know it's going to suddenly start raining. Or you're walking down a city street with your guy, window shopping and suddenly it starts to rain after it's been so steamy and hot out. So romantic you both get caught in the rain and like a kid you let yourself get totally soaked...kissed by the rain :) You welcome the rain at these moments when it's just soooo hot and rain is sort of fun!

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