Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shirley Manson Inspired Earring

Shirley Manson Inspired Earring

Mini Cross with Chain Multi Pierced Double Hook Earring

I recently went to a show in Boston at The House of Blues and saw Shirley Manson & her band Garbage.  It was a fantastic concert and one not to miss if they hit your advice GO baby GO GO!!!  You will not be disappointed!

While at the show, being always inspired by things surrounding me, I got an idea, yeah while rockin' out to great music and a fabulous kick ass front lady, I thought... I know what kind of earring Shirley would rock & the idea behind this earring was born!

This earring is meant to be worn asymmetrically with your favorite other earring in your other ear.  This earring you can wear with the cross at the top or vice a versa.  You would of course need to have multiple ear piercings to wear this fabulous Shirley inspired earring.  Myself I have triple pierced ears and made one for myself in another style.

So this cool new earring is at my jewelry boutique and is ready for purchase for anyone who'd like to rock this Shirley Manson style earring :)

Click to buy the Mini Cross with Chain Multi Pierced Double Hook Earring at Vamps Jewelry Boutique.