Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Morticia Goth Necklace

Morticia Necklace

Phantom Opera Mask Gothic Necklace Masquerade Mask Cord Goth Necklace

Red Glass Cross Goth Necklace

New Gothic Necklaces - Vamps Jewelry

Available at our Vamps Jewelry Boutique, click on links below each photo image to go to the necklace directly. 

Cool Gothic necklaces.  Sexy and cool Morticia Gothic Necklace inspired by Morticia Addams

Two styles of Phantom Mask Necklaces inspired by Phantom of The Opera

The blood Red Glass Cross Goth Necklace that will look great by itself or layered with other Goth necklaces.

Stones for Abundance:

Stones for Abundance

If you are wishing to create a more abundant life, with plenty of money, to
provide for your loved ones' needs with ease or to be an aid to others, here
are some gemstones and crystals that can prove very beneficial.

Fluorite - one of my favorite crystals to use in abundance energy, this
crystal promotes analytical thought, helps you perceive situations with
emotional detachment, aids in assimilating information, inspires building

Aventurine (green) - stimulates opportunity and creativity, promotes
intelligence and gives focus, gives your spirit the strength to persevere,
activates creative thought

Tiger's Eye - attracts money and promotes wealth, brings you luck in risky
situations and business dealings, builds courage and conviction

Amazonite - stimulates brain activity, attracts money, ensures success, gives
you confidence for tough decision making

Emerald - promotes harmony in group work situations, helps large groups work
together for common goals, increases your mental skills and focus especially
during extreme challenges

Citrine - helps you to build and maintain wealth, provides courage during dark
moments, eliminates self-imposed obstacles, brings wisdom to aid you in
decision making

Pyrite - Fire from Sulfur and Earth from Iron make a powerful combination in
this metal crystal; it illuminates opportunities and obstacles, helps you see
advantages and potential conflict clearly

Malachite - use in your cash register to attract money, helps you see
successful patterns and shows a clear path to your goal, protects from

Sapphire - helps achieve material dreams, aids in sustaining wealth, keeps you
organized, promotes loyalty between partners and among employees, ensures
continued success

May the Universe bring you blessings of abundance beyond your every dream.
Just remember, always be careful what you wish for.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Vamps Jewelry Blog

New Vamps Jewelry Blog

Spring is finally trying to take over here in New England, it's still quite chilly, but the days are longer and the sun is shining more!

With the new season, new things happen, and I'd like to let you know that we have a NEW blog right on our website!  For those that follow this blog, take a look at our new Vamps Jewelry Blog right on our website.

It's quite handy to read posts on the new blog and then browse our jewelry boutique :)

I will still post on this blog, but you might want to also bookmark the Vamps website blog as well!