Saturday, April 30, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Update

Internet Explorer 9 Update

This week has been full of upgrades - upgrades to my browser, upgrade to my yahoo mail, upgrade to my Artfire Admin area. I'm not one that upgrades as soon as something is available, but this time I just did it because eventually it will have to be done & I was feeling quite confident that I could handle anything that I might encounter with any of the upgrades :)

I'm getting used to my new browser and I can't find anything buggy about it, so far I like it. I've heard others saying that they don't like it and went back to Internet Explorer 8, but I can't see any reason thus far to downgrade.

Getting used to any new platform, operating system, or even an upgraded (Admin area) of a site takes a little time.

I look at it this way eventually you will have to upgrade to the latest model so why not just do it and get used to it. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Issues With Posting With Explorer 9

Issues With Posting With Explorer 9

My computer asked me if I wanted to download Internet Explorer 9 today, so I figured well why not, eventually you will need to use the latest browser. So I did and everything so far has check out okay until now...

I wanted to post on my blog and lo & behold can't post when I hit the publish post button. So being the detective I am ha ha ha, started to explore about. Went to the blogger forum to see if others were having problems similar to mine & of course I am not alone.

To make a long story short if you are now using Explorer 9 you will have to use that little button at the top of your browser where it says "compatibility view" hit that and then your post will post once you click on publish post.

Blogger says they will work on getting their system to eventually work with the new Explorer 9 browser but until then they suggest either to use Firefox or install Internet Explorer 8 again.

Hmmm I don't feel like installing Internet Explorer 8 again unless I run into more problems using this new browser.

The Real Blogger Status: Post Editor, Stats, Template Designer, And Interne...: "Some time ago, Microsoft deployed the latest version of their browser, Internet Explorer Version 9. Blogger blog owners and readers alike a..."

Monday, April 25, 2011

What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?

Curated by BackyardWildlifeHabitats | Collection Published on 04-25-2011

Wow 2 curated collections that I'm featured in a row! I'm glad to be featured and glad fellow artisans like my creations enough to want to include them in their collections. I need to make some collections soon, I haven't in a little while, but the ones I have done so far I think are very cool one. One the one I did recently 'A bit of Paris' was Artfire's collection of the day!

My Steampunk Clock Necklace is available at my studio. Please visit the curator of this cool Clock collection at her Artfire studio.

On The Good Ship Lollipop

On The Good Ship Lollipop
Curated by SomebodyStopMeVintage | Collection Published on 04-25-2011

I was featured in this cool collection. My nautical anchor necklace that I made and is currently for sale at Artfire.

Please visit the curator's Artfire Shop

My Etsy/Artfire Ying & Yang


Another week upon us. I've been giving some thoughts about my Artfire Studio & Etsy Shop & have decide to keep both venues going. I've been wrestling in my mind with this & came to the conclusion that I can try to do the two shops. My Artfire Studio will be more for my darker styles and My Etsy can be more for the lighter, whimsical, romantic look.

To me Etsy & Artfire are like ying & yang, both venues are so different but ultimately do the same - provide for a place to show & sell our handmade wares.
There are both positive & not so positve aspects to both venues & if you can work with each venue the way they are designed possibly can get good results with both.

So in re-vamping my Etsy shop I have done a new banner and a new logo/avatar you can go to my Etsy shop to see my new Mystic Star Designs banner here.

Ps...The heart with wings circle necklace is one of my latest designs & will be loaded to my shops.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring/Summer Color Trends

Spring/Summer Color Trends

With every season there comes new color trends in the world of fashion & accessories. For the jewelry designers it's nice to keep informed of what colors will be hot for the season so that you can create some of your jewelry pieces with the colors that are hot that season.

Lots of women like to be in fashion and like to accessories with colors that are in. This spring & summer you will see pretty pinks paired with greys, crystals & whites.

Here is a color chart from Fire Mountain Gems (I like to shop with them for some of my beads & findings)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jewelry By Vamp Facebook Page Refer A Friend

Jewelry By Vamp Facebook Page Refer A Friend

I'm looking for new fans to join the new Jewelry By Vamp Facebook page. If you or your friends like the style of jewelry I design please join my new page. I believe my jewelry appeals mostly to cool rocker types, gothic, steampunk, victorian, vintage style jewelry lovers. My jewelry usually has a romantic dark theme to it, but you will also find fun stuff to wear.

Join my Facebook fan page and refer your friends. Have them post on my page wall. Make sure to tell your friends to write on the wall who referred them. The person that has the most referrals will win a FREE pair of earrings by end of April.



Victorian Pearl Heart Key Bracelet Earrings Set

Victorian Pearl Heart Key Bracelet Earrings Set, Vintage Style

Here is a beautiful set I created with those pearls that I posted a few days ago. I think the set came out just lovely. Very romantic and great for the coming months of May & June.

What makes this pearl bracelet a little more cooler than just an ordinary strand of pearls around your wrist is the addition of the sweet love heart shaped key added to the focal point of the bracelet.

I think this pearl bracelet with earrings set would make an awesome gift even for Mom!

Take a look at it at my Artfire studio Victorian Pearl Heart Key Bracelet Earrings Set. I will be loading even more nice jewelry that most rocker girls would love to add to their jewelry box!

Jewelry By Vamp -Jewelry with mystique...


New Logo For Jewelry By Vamp

New Logo For Jewelry By Vamp

Just uploaded to Artfire, Twitter & Facebook Page my brand new Jewelry By Vamp logo.

I like's black red and silver so it matches quite well with my Artfire Studio. Designed by my son Jeff.

Come check out at Vamp's Artfire Studio.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pearls Beads & Charms

Pearls Beads & Charms

These are some pearls that got made into a bracelet today. It was stormy, rainy and wind and I was in just the right mood to create something pretty. So today was the day these pearls along with a key got made into a fantastic bracelet.

I've not yet photographed the piece, but will do so when the weather gets brighter. I like to do my photo shoots by natural light most of the time, so will wait until there is a bit of sunshine.

I also like to wait for photo shoots when I have more than one item I've designed to then go to the next phase which is photo taking.

I also made a rock girl bracelet with black beads, grey pearls, black iridescent beads, and a filigree heart charm. It came out nice.

After the photo shoot, is deciding where to upload the new items to, either to Artfire studios or my own website. I like to split things up, load different pieces of jewelry to either Artfire or the boutique. I tell everyone that they should look in both places to see everything that is available for purchase.

Here are my links to see what is available at the moment for purchase:

ArtFire Studio
Mystic Rock Boutique

Jewelry By Vamp - Twitter

Jewelry By Vamp - Twitter

I decided to go ahead and make a Twitter profile for my Jewelry By Vamp to keep it seperate from my Rock n Roll side of the business.

I think giving it it's own space will be better for me to focus and better as a way to reach people that might be interested in both aspects of what I sell.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter for Jewelry by Vamp please go here

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Facebook Page

New Facebook Page

Have decided that I should create a Facebook page for my jewelry creations. So tonight went ahead and did it. Go here to 'like' my brand new page 'Jewelry by Vamp' and become a fan/follower whatever you want to call yourself :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop

Here are some of my handmade jewelry items at my Etsy store.