Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pearls Beads & Charms

Pearls Beads & Charms

These are some pearls that got made into a bracelet today. It was stormy, rainy and wind and I was in just the right mood to create something pretty. So today was the day these pearls along with a key got made into a fantastic bracelet.

I've not yet photographed the piece, but will do so when the weather gets brighter. I like to do my photo shoots by natural light most of the time, so will wait until there is a bit of sunshine.

I also like to wait for photo shoots when I have more than one item I've designed to then go to the next phase which is photo taking.

I also made a rock girl bracelet with black beads, grey pearls, black iridescent beads, and a filigree heart charm. It came out nice.

After the photo shoot, is deciding where to upload the new items to, either to Artfire studios or my own website. I like to split things up, load different pieces of jewelry to either Artfire or the boutique. I tell everyone that they should look in both places to see everything that is available for purchase.

Here are my links to see what is available at the moment for purchase:

ArtFire Studio
Mystic Rock Boutique

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