Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top 4 Jewelry Picks For The Holidays

Top 4 Jewelry Picks For The Holidays

Here are my top 4 jewelry picks for holiday gifts - for love and romance.


Each of these four categories are very sentimental and perfect for letting someone know that you really care about them. There is a timeless appeal in lockets, cameos, hearts and roses that no matter the design, convey feelings of specialness and love.

Whether you would like your locket, cameo, heart or rose as a necklace, earrings or bracelet there are many beautiful designs to pick from all over the internet. Lockets, cameos, hearts and roses are some of my favorites to work with. Here are a few that would make special gifts for someone you love.

Gothic Victorian Red Rose Cameo Necklace

Victorian Flower Cameo Ribbon Choker, Antique Silvertone Necklace

Vintage Style Brass Round Locket Lavender Rose Necklace

Victorian Heart Key Multi Strand Choker Necklace

Heart Links Red Glass Rock Girl Necklace Choker

Heart and Pink Roses Love Necklace, Vintage Style Necklace

Vintage Love Heart Locket Necklace Antique Gold

Victorian White Rose and Pearls Necklace Choker, Antique Gold

Victorian Heart Locket Charm Bracelet

Filigree Love Heart Bracelet

Victorian Cameo Dangle Earrings, Romantic Vintage Style

Pink Hearts Dangle Earrings, Pink Cats Eye, Romantic Charm

I Love You Copper Heart Pearl Earrings, Vintage Look

Red Garnet Dangle Hearts Earrings

Romantic Gothic Heart Filigree Dangle Earrings Red Teardrops

Je Taime Antique Brass Love Dangle Earrings, Vintage Look

Romantic Rose Charm Red Crystal Pearl Dangle Earrings

Verdigris Patina Rose With Pearls Dangle Earrings, Victorian Style

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