Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chakra Jewelry

New Chakra Energy Jewelry

New to our jewelry boutique is our Chakra Energy Jewelry.  Beautiful dangle earrings with gemstones that represent each chakra.  The gemstones used in our chakra earrings are  red garnet, red jasper, citrine, malachite, turquoise, amethyst and clear quartz crystal.

We have chakra earrings with mystical charms and also simple chakra earrings with no charms, just gemstones.

A bit about Chakras:

Each chakra represents one of the major energy centers of the body.  Different emotions are linked with each of these energy centers.

Chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others.  For well being it is necessary to keep our chakras aligned and balanced to help maintain our body's own healing process.
If our energy centers become blocked or depleted, our body can not function properly and can lead to problems on any level (body, mind or spirit). 

It's believed that a Chakra responds to the energy produced by particular gemstones and are therefore thought to bring balance and alignment to these energy points in the body.

7th chakra - crown of head, spirituality
6th chakar - 3rd eye, vision
5th chakra - creativity, expression
4th chakra - heart, love
3rd chakra - solar plexus, power
2nd chakra - lower belly, emotions
1st chakra - base of spine, survival

When you wear gemstone jewelry especially gemstones that relate to each of the Chakras not only are you wearing a beautiful gemstone but you are also helping your body stay healthy and balanced.

Chakra Gemstone Om Symbol Dangle Earrings available at Vamps Jewelry Boutique

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