Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selene of 'Underworld'

Selene of 'Underworld'

Underworld is a movie film featuring vampires and werewolves, a dark film that's also a budding love story between Selene, a vampire and Michael, a werewolf.  You really get to see their love grow in the 2nd movie film in the series, "Evolution".

I love this part of the movie dialogue in Underworld, as it show Kraven being jealous that Selene is attracted to Michael.

Selene: Understand that Michael is somehow
important to the Lycans...

Kraven: So now it's "Michael"!

Would you just hear me out?

It's beyond me why you're so
obsessed over this ridiculous theory.
Lucian wouldn't be a bit
interested in a human...
...Michael or otherwise.

Wait a minute.

You're infatuated with him,
aren't you?

Now, that's a ridiculous theory.

Is it?

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